Diary of Edward Squirrel by Mairi Archbold

Edward Squirrel and his wife Jane and their babies, Kate and Alice, have been homeless ever since their tree was blown down two years ago. Finally they found a new home.

1st March 2004

Jane and I have just solved an argument. She's a town squirrel and I'm a country squirrel and we can't decide where to live. We think that we could live in a village as a compromise. Jane's looking at every map she can get her paws on.

2nd March 2004

We've found one! It's called Crosshill and it's out in the South Ayrshire countryside.

3rd March 2004

We've moved in. We found the Sycamore in an abandoned churchyard. "Cheery place" Jane noted, but liked it. Frpm down on the ground it looked huge. As we all looked up into its spreading branches, Kate squealed, "It looks just like an umbrella." It should give us good shelter until the leaves fall off.

The Sycamore is hollow and I have made our bedroom or den in the thickest part of the thickest branch. The infants are going to sleep there too until we make them a room.

5th March 2004

The family next door are leaving bread out for the birds, so we are pretty well off for food. Along with the spilled rabiit food, we are able to give the kids a balanced diet.

6th May 2004

The sun shines through a hole in the bottom of the tree. It heats up a pile of rocks we use to keep the rooms upstairs warn. Jane and I take turns carrying them up in the evening and carrying them down in the morning.

20th September 2004

This morning I started building the infants' drey with twigs and leaves from the sycamore. Just as I was adding the fur and feathers I fell off and landed in the midden in a heap. Jane rushed out and was more concerned about the nuts that I might have crushed than me!! She pulled me out of the midden and ordered me to show the infants how to use my tail as a prachute and how to land on it as a cushion.

The infants had great fun parachuting out of the Sycamore and landing on the midden that Jane was trying to fix. She moaned, "This is our winter supply of nuts. You don't want to starve do you!"

She went into such a strump that I gathered together a bouquet of helicopter seeds from the tree. She gave me a hug and nibbled them all night.

16th October 2004

It was a lovely autumn night and after the infants were snuggled up in their drey Jane and I sat looking through the multi-coloured leaves, "Just think that all these leaves will soon be gone. The leaves nake the tree look as though it's on fire."

House is working out fine. The kids are happy that there are plenty of seeds and nuts to eat around here.

31st October 2004

Tonight we are going to have great fun! We are going to make people think the Sycamore is haunted!

That Night

We were sitting on the warm pile of stones waiting for the village children to arrive. Kate and Alice were jumping up and down with anticipation. They said they were practising for their trick or treat, but we knew they were just excited. Jane ran to the gates of the church to see if the village children were coming - they were! Two-red furry shapes darted up the tree. Jane and I picked up some small stones and got ready to throw them. We had great fun. Jane and I sat in the tree making spooky noises and the infants jumped up and down on the branches. Every child that came near the tree ran away, screaming their heads off!

1st November 2004

Counting down the days till Halloween!
Mwah ha ha!