The tree which I admire the most is an ancient tree, whose twigs are breaking and leaves are falling. It is a magic tree with prancing fairies in it, dancing and singing. When I was little, we took walks every day down at the river at the local park. I would dance to the tree, smiling in joy and it would stand there glistening in the yellow sun. Everytime I looked at it with its green, bright, shining leaves, the branches and twigs would move and that made me think there were fairies in it and that was them moving and leaping about.

It looked like a very old tree, its bark was decaying and its leaves were crooked, but it was still wonderful to stare at it because the leaves still had their green shine and love heart shape.

I still see it now and then when I walk down to the park. I feel that this is my own tree and it is a secret to me and no one else. Everytime I walk past it, it fills me with old memories like when I thought the flies were fairies and my sisters and I tried to catch them. We even put a strawberry in the jar to keep the "fairy" happy. It makes me feel so joyful and makes me laugh in to myself, just thinking of it.

I never want the tree to fall or die. I wish it to stand forever so I may show my children. My interest in this wonderful tree will just be a story to tell, and will be passed down for many years to come within my family.

Sarah Murray P7 Age 11

Head Teacher - Mrs S Wilson
Darvel Primary School, Campbell Street East, Darvel KA17 0BP

Tree Location - At the riverside, beside the steps, in Morton Park, Darvel